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    Clean Energy Storage Solution

    Benefiting from the advancement of new energy technologies, the development of the energy storage market has entered the fast lane in recent years.
    Under the shadow of the greenhouse effect and limited fossil resources, many governments have used clean energy to carry out "decarbonization" transformation; 5G technology has developed rapidly, and a large number of infrastructure has been implemented; poverty alleviation strategies have been implemented globally to allow remote areas where the cost of installing power grids is too high to enjoy electricity; Banks, data centers, etc. demand uninterrupted power... The demand for energy storage equipment in various fields continues to increase.

    Face the Challenge
    How to capture and store electricity produced from renewable intermittent sources?
    How to ensure the quality of power produced by power generation facilities?
    How to improve the energy efficiency of the power grid and disperse the power load during peak and valley periods?
    How can companies and individuals reduce electricity costs?
    How to bring remote areas into the electrical age?
    How do financial and data institutions guarantee uninterrupted power supply?
    How to ensure cost-effective customized power supply for base stations?
    Solution Architecture

    Power generation side:

    Provide a large-scale energy storage system to store clean energy, stabilize its power fluctuations, and output it at a stable frequency, reducing dependence on fossil fuels. Use clean energy power generation with energy storage equipment to deliver power to remote areas, opening up the last mile of power poverty alleviation.


    Grid side:

    Through the energy storage system, the utilization rate of power grid equipment is improved, and the load demand is adjusted by shifting peaks and valleys to reduce equipment pressure. Connect distributed energy in a scientific way to reduce network loss, maximize energy utilization, and stabilize power quality.


    User side

    Utilize the peak-valley price difference (i.e. valley charge, peak discharge) to reduce the cost of business operations and household electricity; and provide intelligent power utilization and protection strategies such as emergency power supply, capacity management, load tracking and flexible reverse power protection. Provide customized uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for enterprises and individuals to maintain power supply in the event of a power failure to ensure data and information security.

    Solution Advantages
    Comprehensive types of energy storage systems
    Products include large energy storage systems (above MW level), small energy storage systems (below MW level), uninterruptible power supplies, and microgrid trial platform energy storage systems, which can support a variety of energy storage needs.
    High-quality product performance
    Seamless switching with the power grid, millisecond response (anti-islanding response time 50ms, real-time power dynamic response time 60ms, network protection detection time 20-40ms), high system conversion efficiency (greater than 88%), long cycle life (5000 times or 8 over years), it can support long-term overload operation and parallel operation of multiple containers on the DC side.
    Professional dangerous goods transportation team
    The standard container design is easy to transport, install, maintain and manage; set up Ganfeng Transportation Company, which is qualified to transport dangerous goods, to ensure the operation of batteries and other equipment during the transportation process, and avoid explosions, fires and other accidents.
    Sustainable material selection and recycling solutions
    The use of high-safety and more environmentally friendly lithium iron phosphate batteries does not contain heavy metals to avoid secondary pollution; it has a complete battery recycling industry chain, which can recycle and regenerate used batteries to achieve resource recycling.
    Complete service system
    Establish a strict quality management system and closed-loop information feedback, and tailor high-quality energy storage systems to meet the different needs of users.
    Energy Storage Project
    Jiangsu 10MW/54.2MWh consumer-side commercial energy storage project
    Dongguan 1MW/3MWh consumer-side commercial energy storage project
    State Grid Xuji Group Jiangsu Xiashe Energy Storage Power Station Project (26.4MWh)
    Guangzhou 500kW/1.85MWh user-side commercial energy storage project
    Ganzhou 720MWh large-scale energy storage demonstration project Guazhouzi 130MWh project (42MWh)
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